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AdVenue Board -
Display board in the chamber office provides a highly visible and exclusive ad placement. Turn wall space into $$.

Broadcast Email Blast - When the Chamber has event announcements and news items we use our broadcast e-mail to reach our 3,600 + members and subscribers. These e-mails go out weekly. Available to our members is an opportunity to place a banner ad within the email.  The Chamber can link your ad to your Web site and/or e-mail address.

The Membership Directory and Relocation Guide is a great way to inform people who are living in the area, working in the area or relocating to the area about the services and products available in NWA. It is distributed to all Chamber members, including the Champion members, individuals and businesses requesting relocation information, new employees and residents and at the Wal-Mart Discovery Fair. This is a full-color, glossy magazine.

The New Member Handbook provides new members with information about the mission and history of the Chamber. It also highlights membership benefits, committee opportunities and staff descriptions to orient new members of the Chamber.

The Chamber’s Website, receives more than 1.6 million page hits per year and is widely used for prospective visitors, new residents and businesses.




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