Government and Economic Development Staff Contact:  Tom Ginn

Governmental Update Luncheon
, “State of the City/County” event features updates from the City of Bentonville, City of Bella Vista and the County. At this luncheon, members will hear about important issues facing our communities. This will also be a great networking event for all in attendance. 

The Chamber night at the City Council(s) are designed to provide the Chamber members the opportunity to learn more about local government.  Because of our emerging relationships with the Bentonville and Bella Vista Mayors and City Councils the Chamber and local governing bodies need to show collective support for each other.

Chamber members are invited to attend the City Council meetings in Bentonville and Bella Vista at which time the Mayors respectively present their “State of the City” addresses.
Chamber Day is an opportunity to meet with city officials from Bentonville and Bella Vista. This event will help build relationships between public policy makers and the members of the Chamber. 

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