State and Local Taxes

Property Taxes
Most industrial property in Bentonville is located in the Bentonville School District, which has a property tax rate of $55.10 per $1,000 of market value.

All property taxes in Arkansas are frozen at 20% of assessed value. Example: A home assessed at $100,000 is taxed on 20% or $20,000. The 2010 Millage Rate for Bentonville is $55.10/$1000 assessed. Therefore $20,000 X $55.10 = $1,102 property tax.

Benton County Assessor’s Website
Benton County Tax Collector’s Website

Sales Tax
Arkansas levies a 6.5% sales tax. Counties and cities may also levy up to 2% sales tax. At this time Benton County has a 1% sales tax and Bentonville has a 2% sales tax, which brings the local Sales Tax in Bentonville to 9.5%.

Restaurant Tax for Advertising and Promotions = 1% and Hotel Tax for Tourism = 2%.

Driver's License
Arkansas residents must possess a valid Arkansas driver's license to operate a motor vehicle within the state. Upon relocating from another state, the new residents must possess a valid Arkansas driver's license within 30 days. Arkansas driver's licenses can be obtained at the local revenue office at 2308 S.E. 28th St. in Bentonville. For more information, please visit

Motor Vehicle Registration
Any passenger motor vehicle operated on Arkansas highways must be registered and licensed with the Revenue Division and renewed annually. Residents have 30 days to register their vehicle in Arkansas after becoming a resident. Applications can be made in any state revenue office. Renewing car tags can be done over the phone, by Internet or e-mail. For more information, please call 501-682-4692 or visit

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